The Cycles United Offering

Cycles United offers suitable Franchisees / Entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own business selling our established product ranges and leveraging the substantial Cycles United Brand equity as their own.

Member Stores leverage the following:

  • Recognised Brand with a solid track record 
  • Cycles United Digital Marketing and Brand Advertising 
  • Stocking stores with high quality product ranges with the knowledge that only peers have access to the same products and prices 
  • Product price protection – all Cycles United stores have access to the Preferred Supplier deals as well as solid Trading Terms to secure the best possible deal for the Franchisee. 
  • Cycles United Franchisee enjoy radius protection as well as the right of first refusal on any new stores entering the Group 
  • The opportunity to participate in many of the Marketing initiatives, supported by our powerful network of Preferred Suppliers to assist in creating awareness and promoting products and ranges in store as well as great Staff trading in order to drive sales. 
  • Participation in multiple, annual “Call To Acton” Consumer relations 
  • Participate in local Cycles United CSI Initiatives to establish your store in the local community 
  • Contribute to the future of the brand, and the business, by attending our scheduled Franchisee meetings 
  • Access specialists who can advise you in various areas of your business, including strategy, operations and marketing

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What You Get

In addition to the rights to trade under the Cycles United brand, stock and sell “Own Brand” products, you’ll also get…
  • Access to Preferred Supplier deals
  • Assistance with the store image through the Cycles United CI & BI manuals
  • Access to information through our Preferred Supplier Network as well as our experienced Cycles United Franchisees and various committees
  • Local and National advertising, building Brand credibility and awareness
  • Reliable supply of quality products at “protected” prices
  • Freedom from worrying about “Corporates” competing unfairly with the same products Access to marketing platforms to maximise your spend.

Why Join Our Group

  • Enhance the value of your business
  • Grow profitability
  • Competitive advantage of a “National Brand”
  • Retail Operations Support
  • Business Development Support
  • Great listed deals with vast network of Preferred Suppliers
  • Group Trading forum
  • Formidable Buying Power
  • Access to Group CI and BI manuals
  • Hosted POS system
  • Private Label Program
  • Training
  • Store layout and design assistance
  • Competitive fees
  • Activation days
  • National Trade Day – TBC